Dingbats-UK, including the 'Made in Wales' section, has closed

As of midnight (UK time)

30 September 2009


including the 'Made in Wales' section

has closed

Sorry, but the Dingbats-UK site has now been closed, mainly due to other commitments and lack of time, and unfortunately the 'Made in Wales' pages were part of it.

Hosting for the package which covered the many downloads per day ran out at midnight (UK time) on 30 September 2009, when all downloadable files and zips were removed. If you were linking to these pages it would be appreciated if you could now remove your link.

The guestbook will still be checked now and then if you wish to leave a message, but please forgive the lack of a reply. All the Wales-related wallpapers downloaded from the 'Made in Wales' section remain copyright to D-UK and should not be redistributed.

It only remains to warmly thank everyone who's visited the site over the past 8 years (and those who linked to the pages) and helped make it what it became; also for the many messages of support and friendship.

It's been a blast. Thanks again to all of you! :)
AJ, signing off on 30 Sep 2009

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