Dingbats-UK has closed

30 September 2009

Dingbats-UK has closed

Many thanks if you have been linking to any pages formerly on this site,
but it would be appreciated if you could now remove those links.

For other sources of dingbat fonts
see the list of some alternative sites below

(for anyone who might like to know the reasons for closing the site, scroll further on down)

Other links for dingbats
In most cases links go to the homepage of a site rather than a particular page for dingbats, so you'll need to navigate to or search for them. Only when it's not obvious where dingbats can be found are individual sections or pages given. All links open in a new window.
Note: this page will not be updated, so links may 'die' over time.

typOasis: http://www.moorstation.org/typoasis/typoasis1.htm
1001 Fonts: http://www.1001fonts.com/
DaFont: http://www.dafont.com/
OFFSite: http://freefonts.fateback.com/
Font Garden: http://www.fontgarden.com/dingbats/
Tack-O-Rama: http://tackorama.net/Fonts/dingbats/1.htm
The Dingbat Pages: http://www.dingbatpages.com/
FontCo: http://www.fontco.com/
Simply the Best: http://simplythebest.net/fonts/
Abstract Fonts: http://www.abstractfonts.com/
Acid Fonts: http://www.acidfonts.com/
Lord Kyl: http://lordkyl.net/ (was moving hosts at time of writing)
Maxfonts: http://www.maxfonts.com/
Urban Fonts: http://www.urbanfonts.com/
Decomania: http://www.decomania.org/police/dingbats/page1/page1.htm
Dingbat Depot: http://www.dingbatdepot.com/
Disney Experience: http://www.disneyexperience.com/customize/fonts.php
Dog Hause: http://www.doghause.com/fonts.asp
Chrissie Eksten: http://eksten.net/webgraphix/
Famous Fonts: http://famousfonts.smackbomb.com/
Font Buff: http://www1.neweb.ne.jp/wb/font/font/Dingbats1.html
Fontz.ch: http://ch2.fontz.ch/browse/cat/dingbats
GoldenWeb.it: http://fonts.goldenweb.it/
NetFontes.com.br: http://www.netfontes.com.br/
PackRat Fonts & Drop Caps: http://lavplourde.tripod.com/fonts/
MyFonts.com: http://www.myfonts.com/
High Fonts: http://www.highfonts.com/

DESIGNERS (links from the D-UK dingbat-finder went to most of these, among others)
4YEO: http://www.4yeo.com/fonts/
24 Hour Fonts: http://www.24hourfonts.co.uk/
Aenigma Fonts/Brian Kent: http://www.aenigmafonts.com/
Alien Fonts/Tommy of Escondido, Mike H Lee & Josh Dixon: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4965/
Altemus Creative/Robert Altemus: http://www.altemus.com/
Apostrophic Lab: http://apostrophiclab.pedroreina.net/
Astigmatic One Eye (AOE)/Dan Zadorozny: http://www.astigmatic.com/
Carol Brooksbank: http://www.caroluk.co.uk/fonts/
BV Fonts/Jess Latham: http://www.bvfonts.com/
Chank: http://www.chank.com/
The Claw: http://www.empire-of-the-claw.com/
Darrian: http://westwood.fortunecity.com/cerruti/445/
Digital Magic/Helen Duggan: http://www.graphicdesignplus.com/Helen/DigitalMagic/
Divide by Zero/Tom Murphy: http://fonts.tom7.com/
Font Environment/Sam Marcius: http://www.fontenvironment.com/
Font Freak/Ole Larsen: http://www.fontfreak.com/
FontMenu/Michael Bujardet: http://www.fontmenu.com/
Fonts & Things: http://www.fontsnthings.com/
FreakyBunny: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/24/fb/
Freaky Fonts/ck: http://www.freakyfonts.de/
Harold's Fonts/Harold Lohner: http://www.haroldsfonts.com/
Matthew Hindson: http://www.hindson.com.au/wordpress/index.php/free-fonts-available-for-download/
House of Lime: http://www.houseoflime.com/
Iconian Fonts/Dan Zadorozny: http://www.iconian.com/
Jeff's Fonts/Jeff Levine: http://www.geocities.com/jeffsfonts/
Lady Timeless: http://graphxgonewild.com/
Listemageren/Klaus Johansen: http://www.listemageren.dk/
London's Letters/London Stokes: http://www.londonsletters.com/
Su Lucas: http://www.sulucas.net/
Manfred Klein Fonteria (to 2007): http://moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/klein/
Manfred Klein Fonteria (2008 onwards): http://manfred-klein.ina-mar.com/
MG Fonts: http://mgfonts.netfirms.com/
Tom Mouat: http://www.mapsymbs.com/fontstuf.html
Mr. Fisk/Mike Larsson: http://www.fontorama.net/
David Occhino Design: http://www.davidocchino.com/
Ouvrez Police!/Claude (Chloe) Derieppe: http://clofont.free.fr/Police.htm
PizzaDude/Jakob Fischer: http://www.pizzadude.dk/freefonts.php
The Scriptorium/David Nalle: http://www.fontcraft.com/
TTD Fonts: http://www.ttdfonts.com/
Typephases/Joan M Mas: http://www.vectoralia.com/typephases/
Unauthorized Type/Ben McGehee: http://uatype.faithweb.com/
Urhixidur Fonts/Daniel Thibault: http://www.angelfire.com/pq/Urhixidur/
Web of Dreams/Sue Ralston: http://www.web-of-dreams.com/
ZonoArt: http://www.zonoart.com/freebies/

Many more fonts and links can be found via Luc Devroye's site. Be aware some of the pages are large and may take a little while to load on a slower connection. Being a much larger and more comprehensive site than D-UK ever was, there is the same problem of keeping links up to date, but if a link's died there are plenty more to try! -- and quite often Googling the names of fonts or designers will trace them.
Main fonts index: http://cg.scs.carleton.ca/~luc/fonts.html
then check under the various headings, in particular under Specialized Fonts for Dingbats (original) and Dingbats (archives). Look also at the many other special sub-collections listed by theme, e.g. Easter fonts, Music fonts, Science Fiction fonts, etc etc.
Luc's own fonts also provide a great variety of shapes -- for instance, take a look at the Sugaku series.

Dennis Palumbo also has pages of font-related links, well over 1000 of them (as well as offering fonts of his own), but the difficulty of maintaining current links applies here too, and it looks a while since these were updated. Still worth trawling through -- if you have a spare few hours!

Make your own dingbat fonts online at Bingdat. There's a chance to use the service for free in exchange for allowing your font to be given away to other visitors.

Another link which was always quite popular is included here for anyone who might still want it. If you're looking for a copy of HP FontSmart Lite, the freeware stand-alone font management and preview utility, which used to be distributed by HP with some printers, it was still (at the time of writing) available for download at Active Design... but it's a pretty old programme now.

Where else to go now?

Well, there are dozens upon dozens of archive sites, and I'm sure most of the old 'lost dingbats' titles which were downloadable here will be available somewhere, though you may not often find complete collections by a given designer all together in one place. typOasis in particular is a fantastic resource for collections of lost fonts including many dingbats (one is the collection by GemFonts/Graham Meade, but there are lots of others); 1001Fonts also has many designers' collections, or you can search simply for all dingbats from the side menu); but I tried not to step on their toes too much with overlaps, so I don't believe the collections which were at D-UK will be found at either site. However, their names aren't at the top of the list for nothing, and you'll find lots of dingbats at both. But it's also possible to search by designer at DaFont and some other archives, and you will find a number of the titles by WillyMac, Sassy Graphics, Destiny (and the rest which used to be here) by searching at archives like this.

As for the dingbat-finder (which signposted/linked to maybe about four times as many titles as you could download from D-UK), most links went to the pages of individual font designers, whether well-established or little known, and you might have to look quite hard for some of the more obscure titles which the finder pointed you to, as it can take hours of time and patience to hunt them down. That's basically what the dingbat-finder attempted in a small way: to do some of the work to seek out treasures from a large number of different sources -- so you didn't have to -- and point the way to them with links.

Listed above are a selection of links to get you started (not by any means complete in the case of either archives or designers), but don't be a slave to the archive sites. Many interesting and 'different' dingbats can be found at the sites of font designers or at personal pages, if you take the time to really look around. Sometimes there might be only one dingbat title among a collection of text fonts, but it's worth knowing about.

Luc's pages mentioned above were the route by which I was often able to track down untold treasures; in fact it was almost always where I began looking; but you need to put in the time and quite possibly accept a number of dead ends -- if this is the case use other means to track down the current whereabouts of an interesting-sounding dingbat font, a collection, or the designer. I used to find search engines were generally not great as a starting point for finding particular subjects or themes, as many you could be interested in would be way beyond the first page or two of results (often beyond even the first 20, 30, 40+ pages!). But once you have the title of a potentially useful font and/or the name of the designer, then a search engine can help track down a copy. That's why Luc's pages for dingbats of various descriptions are so useful, even allowing for some links no longer being current, as they always give you titles and designer names, as well as (often) what a font consists of. Armed with these details you can generally track it down somewhere... and who knows what else you might find along the way! Many links in the dingbat-finder were 'accidental', the result of coming across something while following my nose through page after fruitless page on the web, and exploring endless links :)

One of the most prolific dingbat designers producing new fonts till recently is Manfred Klein, whose links are in the list above (in particular go to the one for titles up to the end of 2007 at typOasis, a truly vast collection; but there are some more for 2008 onwards at his own site, though unfortunately the javascript preview links for these don't seem to be working - go for the PDF previews instead); but there are many, many others doing some great work, whether listed here or not. Another place you might try, among others, are the artists' pages at DeviantArt: just go to the main page and put 'dingbats' or 'fonts' into the search box.

Having found a 'treasure', you might want to share the link in a forum or blog -- if it's at a designer's own pages please do, as they deserve the credit. But one thing you could do to help others find it in the future is to be accurate about the font title and also give the designer name, and maybe a little bit about the sort of outlines it contains. In time the link you gave may die, but the extra details will not only help others to find what you said, but also to look for a copy elsewhere.

Why close D-UK?

Dingbats-UK began in 2001, and there were two main sections to the site: the dingbat-finder with more than 2000 links to titles listed individually by theme/topic; and the 'lost dingbats' archive with over 400 fonts to download.

But... due to other commitments and a lack of time, nothing at all had been updated on the site since 2007, and in the dingbat-finder more and more links were 'dying' all the time. When hosting was due to renew again this year and it was clear the time factor wasn't likely to change, I decided it was better the pages weren't here at all than become less and less useful (and more annoying for visitors) as time went by and more links degraded. My circumstances had also changed and I needed to look at making a few savings. Among other things, the cost of hosting all the downloads was a little hard to justify.

So for various reasons, and after a good run, D-UK reached the end of the road. This also means the separate 'Made in Wales' section is no longer available.

The bandwidth required to accommodate the many downloads per day expired at the end of the day on 30 September 2009, when all downloadable files and zips were removed. From now on a basic hosting package will ensure this notice and links can still be displayed.

Will D-UK ever come back? Very unlikely.

The guestbook will still be checked now and then if you wish to leave a message, but please forgive the lack of a reply. Sorry, but I'm unable to answer questions about the permitted usage of any fonts formerly listed or redistributed at Dingbats-UK, or the current whereabouts of their designers, or where you can find particular titles. Any Wales-related wallpapers downloaded from the 'Made in Wales' section remain copyright to D-UK and should not be redistributed.

I must acknowledge two individuals in particular: Rénald Lévesque from whom I inherited the original dingbat-finder idea and format (which got D-UK off the ground in the first place, before expanding to offer 'lost font' downloads as well); and Luc Devroye from whose pages I was always able to find so much inspiration and assistance -- and so many dingbats! -- and who kindly hosted one or two large downloads which couldn't be accommodated within my bandwidth limit.

It only remains to warmly thank everyone who visited the site over the past 8 years (and all those who linked to the pages) and helped to make it what it became; also for the many messages of support and friendship; and of course to those designers who kindly gave permission for their 'lost dingbats' to be reoffered here.

It's been a blast. Thanks again to all of you, and happy fonting! :)
AJ, signing off on 30 Sep 2009

Copyright © Dingbats-UK, 2001-09
All rights reserved

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